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Tage's letters and photographs

TageTage Ferdinand Ragnvald Flyborg
. Born on November 10th 1901 in the city parish of Karlskrona.
He arrived, 17 years old, on the S/S Stockholm to New York and Ellis Island for the first time on August 26th 1919. He was at the time employed on the ship as “trimmer” (according to Ellis Island records). He is there stated to be appr 178 centimetres tall and weigh about 64 kilos. He had signed on in Gothenburg on August 6th,1919. Already in November of the same year, he arrived in New York again on the same ship (once again as trimmer). Further arrivals to Ellis Island have been recorded; March 15th 1921 (as stoker on S/S Drottningholm); October 17th 1923 (as greaser on S/S Stockholm) and the last of the records I have managed to find on Ellis Island was an arrival on November 23rd 1923 when he arrived on S/S Stockholm, employed as greaser. He was at this time 22 years of age and weighed appr 70 kilos.

Victoria 1930In a database established by the Italian Genealogical Group, there are records of grooms in New York. I discovered that Tage R Flyborg on October 13th 1928 married in the county of Manhattan. The bride is not mentioned by name, but since Tage had sent photos to Sweden of his fiancée Victoria, she most probably is the woman who became Mrs Flyborg.

Hulda Viktoria Flyborg applied in 1940 for American citizenship and Tage R Flyborg submitted his application in 1942 to the Eastern District in New York (according to another database with the Italian Genealogical Group).

Children and grandchildren

Astrid 1930Their daughter Astrid was born in New York on October 24th 1929.

In a 1930 census of Queens County, New York, Tage was registered alongside his wife (here referred to as Hulda V.) and daughter Astrid. It says that Tage immigrated 1923 and Victoria 1921. Tage’s title is now engineer within the building trade.


Astrid Keuler 1967Jack Keuler 1967

Their daughter Astrid eventually married Jack Keuler. According to one of Jack’s nephews (Dave Keuler) they had two children; Marc and Danny. The above photos were taken in 1967 and depict Astrid Keuler (née Flyborg) and Jack Keuler.

Today I have contact with two of my second cousins, Marc Keuler and Lynne Wanielista Yeiser (granddaughter of Astrid Flyborg), who both located me by this web site…

Jack and Astrid owned the reputable hotel The Buck Hill Inn in Pennsylvania between 1981-1998 (the hotel closed down in 1990). These details were found on the hotel’s American website, which has now been shut down. Previous address was

Tage och Victoria
Tage och Victoria 1928
Tage 1928
Tage and Victoria.
This photo is likely to have been taken in 1928 or 1929.
"...Victoria and me in the countryside..."
"...New York City, April 1928..."
Victoria 1928
Victoria 1928
Victorias mor, obekant o Victoria 1928
"...The bright smile of my fiancée. I took this very bad photo.
New York City, April 1928..."
"...Victoria in the park, 1928..."
From left: Victoria’s mother,
unknown woman and Victoria (1928)

Victoria, Astrid o Tage 1930

Victoria, Astrid and Tage. Undated photo, but it could have been taken in 1930; since their daughter was born in the end of October 1929.
  "...4131-47 st. Long Island City. New York N.Y., USA (undated)...

Dear Father.

A few hasty lines. I hope your health remains solid, and that you are indeed regaining new strength, so that if we return home at least one of our parents will still be alive. So take good care of yourself until then.

Father send me some BL-läns newspapers (=local news) – though only the Saturday issue, because I know an interesting feature comes with it, which interests me. Sometimes we receive these here from our friends from the Karlskrona area. They receive them from their friends in the countryside, but very rarely.

Oh by the way, find out how much a subscription to my address would cost me, per year and per six months, sent weekly; each batch consisting of Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat. If possible, give significant details, which I am greatful for. I enclose $10 for you Father.

NB – I only want information on the subscription. So don’t go paying anything now; the money is a pure gift for you! But until further notice, please send me a few issues.

The most cordial greetings from your son Tage..."

"...4131-47 st. Sunnyside Long Island City, New York N.Y. --- Nov-28-1938 ---

Dear Father

On your 70th birthday (Dec 10th 1938) I see a great privilege to join in with the no doubt many sons and daughters wishing you well for the future on this occasion. Congratulations on this day and thank you for the days gone.

I am allegedly not a great singer, but on this occasion, unless the listeners come too close, I will sing – briefly – May he live for a hundred years (=Sw version of ”Happy Birthday to you”) and may you at full health and strength enjoy your otium cum laude (he may have meant ”otium cum dignitate” which means rest with dignity or well deserved rest) – in your cottage, by your own heath which is more vaulauble than gold. And it could be fitting to point out that even the king himself throughout his lifetime only has one ”crown” (=krona, Swedish currency).

So the least I can do is make sure my father has one crown for every year that has passed, and this way you shall receive 75 crowns, each equally valuable, if not more – via post transfer, of course.

So once more, congratulations from my wife, daughter and myself.
Most cordially. Tage..."

Astrid, Alice och Tage Flyborg 1964Photo of some of the Flyborg siblings. From left Astrid Carlson (based in Chicago), Alice Olsson (based in Gothenburg) and Tage Flyborg.

Astrid writes on the back of the photo to her younger brother (born 1907):
"...Dear Brother Walter! Nov 2nd 1964. It is 53 years ago today that we arrived in Chicago for the first time, but still I think very fondly of Sweden. I hope you are well, as the rest of us are here. Please send me a Christmas card at least. So long. Sis Astrid…”

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